Haven House

A 4 bedroom, 3 bath single family home on 3 acres of forested, riverfront land located just 4 minutes from UNE.

Haven House features a wall-spanning, brick and marble, wood-burning fireplace in a huge, sunny living room with an executive oak desk, an OMM table, two oaken floor-to-ceiling bookshelves full of USMLE and COMLEX board preparation books, a built-in quintophonic sound system, sofa, wingback chair, a cherry filing cabinet, multiple whiteboards, and other study aids that have been indispensable to four resident osteopathic medical students at UNECOM.

This breathtaking living room/solarium is adjacent to a large kitchen with a double convection oven, a countertop stove, and gorgeous views of the forest and Saco River over the sprawling rear deck and regulation-size, sand volleyball court. There is off-street parking for at least ten cars in the garage and two driveways, plus state-of-the-art Wi-Fi serving the fastest broadband Internet available in Biddeford (routinely measured at 7 MB/s).


Haven Fauna

What more sincere endorsement than that of the local wildlife?

Haven House residents have reported frequent sightings through the kitchen picture window of all the following: H. leucocephalus, V. vulpes, M. gallopavo, O. virginianus, a C. latrans (though no C. Vulgaris or A. Incredibus yet), and one M. monax the residents named Wuchak.


Haven Natatorium

Plans for pool & jacuzzi soon

Haven House was originally built with above-ground pool and jacuzzi adjoining the sprawling rear deck. Both were removed by previous owners, but we are planning to restore these features by August 02017.


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